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in case i still have followers [& to those lovely peeps who have just jumped on the bandwagon, despite my 6 month leave of absence - hello!] allow me to update you on my life

  • we’re having a baby boy due june 4th & it’s so exciting!!!!! weeee
  • aforementioned baby boy’s name will be Thoren Jack
  • pregnancy has been fun, i eat a lot of jalapeño cheese & broccoli 
  • i’ve neglected tumblr because pinterest has consumed my life with baby things and they have pictures of food
  • my instagram is @jenndro if you would like to see my belly, nursery [i’m doing some really cute crafts, trust me you wanna see that shiiii], and a shameless flaunt of my baby when he’s born [kind of like my dog, but i’m hoping cuter, maybe less hairy]
& if you’re a fan of 16 & pregnant, i’m terribly sorry but 22, college graduate, & pregnant is nowhere near as dramatic. 

K.I.T. xoxo

Schongebiet, a digital collage by Michael Parliament

i’m back from my amazing roadtrip adventure. reality sux.


By M. Lewandowski

“Overcrowded Memory” by Norman Duenas
18th Jun 201223:54235 notes

Flower Face by Pat Perry
Ink, acrylic, digital.
~   Carl Sagan  (via moreofamore)

(via moreofamore)


Artuš Scheiner poems inspired by old Czech myths

unbenannt by Ooli Mos on Flickr.
Great Expectations - Porcupine Tree (music illustration)
by Gabriella@Barouch
10th Jun 201217:40
Opaque  by  andbamnan